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The Bhangra

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Audio Fidelity

We love modifying audio equipment at our London studio. Audio runs through a boutique, hand-built, signal chain and broadcasts out at 320k MP3. 

Listen Anywhere

Listen in on the move via the 'TuneIn' iOS App or our 'RadiAsian' App via Google Play for Android (click the arrow in the box)


We reach between 50 and 60 countries per month. We even reach countries where other broadcasters can't due to imposed information blockades.  


Broadcasting 24/7 Worldwide

RadiAsian...The No.1 Station for the Asian Invasion!

  • We don’t ignore artists- every track sent in gets listened to. We respond to messages and give feedback on tracks where requested.
  • We are still growing and acquiring worldwide listenership due to our creative and innovative approach to presenting and broadcasting. 
  • We give new artists a platform to showcase their talent alongside established artists which can lead to collaboration opportunities
  • We are flexible in that we minimise the hurdles for a track to make it to the playlist. No slow cumbersome, playlist panel decisions. If it sounds hot, it’s getting played without delay
  • We support artists throughout their career, not just for one track.
  • Artists love us because we love them. As a result they give us exclusives. Which leads to more listenership.
  • We are not geo-locked meaning that we can truly support artists worldwide. We are already reaching countries which many major stations can’t.
  • Our audio quality is superb (320k MP3) with minimal processing before it hits the broadcast codec, music sounds defined and retains beautiful dynamics.
  • We highlight the hard work of people behind the scenes in the music industry.
  • Our team has musical ears so we can judge music submissions and give detailed feedback to artists and labels. This also means we can take interviews with artists, producers and engineers to the next level.
  • The ‘Full English Please Doris’ show- On Sunday we play out non-Panjabi songs and interview mainstream artists. This allows us to playlist new and unsigned artists alongside established artists. The newcomer gets more exposure and opportunities to collaborate, cross and merge genres.
  • Music producers competition- We were the first Asian radio station to set up a music producers competition to help get talented producers signed to an up and coming label (GHRU Music).



Since launch RadiAsian has always been on top of it's licensing. We are proud to support talented musicians, producers, DJ's, singers, rappers, mix and mastering engineers. We encourage anyone submitting music to us to register with the PRS, PPL and keep evidence of live performances. Pay attention to your £ notes as well as your musical notes.


The original logo for RadiAsian.London. It's quite clever isn't it? Think about it...RadiAsian and Radiation. Plus the jumping guy in the middle doing the Bhangra move makes the logo perfect. The No.1 Station for the Asian Invasion!


RadiAsian is proud to support the future of music by ensuring that those talented people 'who write, perform, compose, record or publish music are fairly paid for their work'- PRS/PPL Website